New York Photographer, Roderick Aichinger, New York

I was born in Switzerland to Scottish/Austrian parents and grew up in a tiny village next to the Rhine. At 13 I took my first photography class. At the time my parents had a Paris Match and Newsweek subscription. As I thumbed through the pages of these periodicals the images held my attention captive. 

However, there were other roads to travel before settling down: despite initial fascination with the power of photography, my initial academic inclination was architecture which strongly informs my approach to composition. On graduation my path led me to reconcile my interest in form and aesthetics at Munich School of Photography and I have been looking through the lens ever since.

From 2012 until  2017 I lived and worked in New York City.

In 2017 I relocated with my wife and little daughter to Munich.

I work from Munich and Berlin.

clients include: The New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, Guardian Weekend Magazine, Monocle, Stern, Die Zeit, Die Welt, SZ Magazin, Zeit Magazin, GQ Germany, Annabelle, BMW Magazine and many more

+1 347 513 8999

+49 176 824 310 54

currently based  Munich / Berlin



I am seeking representation in the UK and Germany

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I don't have to sell my soul, 
he's already in me.